Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday

Well Lesley emailed me yesterday to ask me what I had been scrapping as i had announced that i was going to scrap on Saturday afternoon, well i didn't get round to much in the end. My friend had come over last week, she has scrapped about two pages with me before years ago. It was one of those "I want to make an album of my holiday" requests. where you roll your eyes and think well Rome wasn't built in a day, 11 hours later, yes 11, she went home with 13 pages in her album. When I have friends round to scrap, I come out of my room and spread out on a large table we have in the lounge, but once it's all out, i tend to leave it there for at least a week and sometimes three (I have a very understanding hubby). So what I did on Saturday was one page, and then put everything back in my craft room, I was a good girl, and now my large table is clear for packing kits and goody bags ..... hehehe excited. This is the page i did, its of Robyn years ago, and the papers i bought at a SAG in Holland at least three years ago or is it four? Need to journal on it.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Beautiful Day

Wasn't today gorgeous? well it was in my part of the country, I had a frantic email session last night, I think i did about 20 emails, a couple were to Emma about her classes for the retreat and also to drool about that gorgeous gumball machine on her blog, if you haven't seen it, you have to have a look scraps of my mind blogspot. I chatted on facebook to my friend in Australia and she asked me to be her Maid of Honour next year, I was very touched. Back to today, I met a friend for lunch and sat in the garden to read for a while, not something I ever do, as my hobby is kind of "an inside sport" I am very naughty and don't spend a lot of time outside. Anyway, I thought I would try to practice my photography from my course with Kirsty so i took a couple of shots of Henry, isn't he cute. Bless him, he's such an old man but you would never know, because he's a ginger, he still has little pink pads on his feet and his nose is pink too. He's 16, deaf and a little bit doo lally, but we love him to bits. I must get round to scrapping him. :)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy and Sad, all at the same time ....

What a funny week, been busy shopping for Scrapstars which has been fun, but at the same time, been shopping with Robyn for her big move today. Yes my little bird has flown the nest. I'm happy because she's happy, I've been trying to focus on nothing but the positives, like she's happy, it's a new big adventure for her, she's only about four/five miles down the road, she works at the end of our street therefore i am bound to see her on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when she is working (probably end up feeding her those nights) and I really love her boyfriend. But if for one minute I allow myself to think that she has moved out, like when my friends have rung to ask me how I'm feeling, or last night when she said "it's my last night at home" or anything like that, well, I'm a wreck! I don't think I'll be able to go in her bedroom ever again, but that's just me being a silly mama :( Just had time to scrap little Nia this week, ahh.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Not Afraid to Mock Myself !

I had an invitation to go and scrap at the lovely Kathy's this weekend and really wish i had gone. I dillied and dallied in deciding what to do, as i had told a friend i would help her to decorate, when i got in touch with her, she hadn't even bought the wallpaper! So as I was home alone all day Saturday (one of those rare Saturdays when Craig worked as usual and then went to play golf) I scrapped all day, and got lots done really. I hadn't done a page in my Document 2011 since January!!! (eek, I know) so did a fare bit to bring that up to date, then i decided (as I had borrowed these masks from Lesley) that I was going to rehash one of my old cringworthy pages from very very early days of scrapbooking. I only did it because it was one of my favourite memories and a nice photo to boot (well a double page spread actually) but here they are, the before and after, you'll have to use your imagination a little, as i had already pulled a photo off the old page. I recycled the title on my second layout.