Friday, 30 December 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ...

Well managed to survive Christmas, how about you? It was fine really, i was just a bit stressed before hand about family politics and who was going where, but honestly, that shouldn't be what it is all about should it? Have to say (or I will be in trouble) best pressie was Robyn's dressing gown and Les Mis DVD, (it does still give me thrill that she buys me proper pressies now, it gives me that lovely fuzzy feeling) but joint first had to be my mega pizza box stuffed with goodies from Lesley, scrapbook goodies too numerous to mention, a crazy scrapbook doll and a hand knitted scarf WOW. I was also very lucky to get a couple of other craft related pressies from family members, my sister got me a martha stewart punch and my nephew and his wife got me a voucher for an online shop so i can do a bit of craft sale shopping.

Speaking of sale shopping, Craig and i did the dastardly deal yesterday and actually, it wasn't that bad, but by the time we were leaving, it was crazy. So today I have kicked him out to play golf, so that i can have a little me time with my stash! Just cleaned the kitchen, so i can justify sitting with my craft supplies and trying to get creative. I'll post a picture later. :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Jingle Bells

One week and Santa will be on his way ..... are we excited? I'm happy to say i am ready, mainly due to the fact that we are not having anyone around over Christmas so i don't have to worry about shopping for any food. After my amaz shopping day with Robyn and a few Internet orders, all the pressies are done and what i don't have now, I will do without. I've had a busy few weeks and have been ill again! I rarely get ill, I have my migraines and there's not a lot I can do about those but live with it, but last week I had the ear infection from hell. It was agony and i have spent a week with what has felt like a golf ball in my ear and last weekend in absolute agony. Ah well, lovely hubby to the rescue, he has looked after me, and i haven't done a thing. Last Friday (although I had started with the ear infection) we had our colleague Bert's retirement "do", it was a really good night and the best part was that with help from his wife, we managed to totally surprise him.

Lesley came over on Wednesday and showed me how to make some little curled flowers that i thought you needed a sissix die for, so that was nice, we had a naughty McDonald's and both sat and made flowers, I'll add a photo so you can see. We also did pressie swap and now it is under my Christmas tree tempting me!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Last Week ....

was much better, I had a great shopping day with Robyn on Monday and did the largest part of the Christmas shopping. On Wednesday, Lesley came over and although we had all good intentions of crafting, we ended up doing the schedule for the retreat, and talking classes. So many projects and not enough time :( Then on Thursday evening I went to see Sister Act with Robyn and my mum. I had bought her ticket for her birthday pressie in May and she has had to wait all this time to go to the theatre, we had a really nice evening though and the performance was great (slightly disappointed that there were no songs from the movie, I love that soundtrack, it takes me back a few years though!) Then on Friday evening, Craig and I went to the German Market in Leeds. It was really nice, there is a great atmosphere and the food is yummy (no sausages for me, but Craig loves them, I go for the sweet stuff of course).

Phew ...

I don't know what I have been messing about at this last week, I just haven't gotten around to blogging. The week following my holiday (forgot to say i was away for a week during November) I had an awful migraine for most of the week. It cleared a bit on the Wednesday but after spending a day helping my friend move, it was back with avengance. Wednesday night I thought I would never get to sleep and was near to tears and even threatening to visit the quacks (Doctors, I hate the doctors). Anyway, after the awful night, I slept in until 10.45 on the Thursday, and finally it seemed to have gone, so instead of catching up on housework, I just coddled myself, and kept it at bay. Thank goodness it went.