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Waxing, LOL

What a busy week, don't know what I am doing with myself, had to give the hotel some numbers this week for the retreat and they want a list of names for room allocation, so on the ball with that. Also waxing, hair and dentist all in one week. Actually had a funny experience at waxing (don't panic only have my under arms and half leg done. I went to the salon on Robyn's first day, she has just got a P.T. job there 2 days a week, which is fantastic as this will help her tremendously with her course that she is on (beauty college). I got myself all comfy on the bed (I always wear track pants and a vest and just roll the legs up and pull the arm hole down to have my waxing done, too embarrassed to get undressed)! Anyway the lady comes in and says, Robyn is going to help me, and I was fine with it, but she's not done any waxing training yet at college, home or any where else, so I was her first guinea pig! It was fine, I was a bit nervous on the armpits, but she was great, …

Birthday Girl

Well as i had so many messages on facebook on Wednesday, I am guessing that most of you know it was my birthday, thank you for your kind wishes. I had a great day with me time in the day and family time in the evening, firstly i saw my old retreat and scrapbooking buddies Lisa and Elaine and had this humongous chocolate cream tart thing, and was very touched when they gave me these glorious flowers. Then I called at Lesley's as hubby bought me a Kindle for my birthday and Lesley is very good with technology and i am not, so i needed a little help with that and had a bacon butty to boot! As we do a lot of crafting together, there was no doubt in Lesley's mind that a birthday gift of stash would go down a treat, so i received this lovely kit. I also had lovely treats from the family and went out for a curry in the evening with hubby, daughter and her boyfriend :) One little pressie i did get that was very cute, was from my nephews children, this gorgeous little cup cake money bo…


I really try not to be a tchno phobe, but honestly, stuff doesn't work for me! I love email and couldn't live without it, but like everything on the computer, it's great when it's working properly, unlike today. My email won't work yet I can google etc, what's that all about? Had myself some retail therapy this weekend, all good. My hubby is a great shopper so I'm a lucky girl, he's happy to clothes shop, shoe shop and even handbag shop !!! (He's in touch with his feminine side)! So he spotted this little beauty, we were at this outlet place near York, and there was a Fossil shop that said everything had 50% off, the original price was something crazy, and the label said £65 which I thought ok, it's all leather and I really like the bag, but then when we got to the counter, it was 50% off that, so a bargain to boot, (should have got two)! So here it is, my new handbag.....

Ring Binder Albums

I'm loving those ring binder albums, ever since I got one in a goody bag at a retreat this year. I love them and have ordered three more! It makes it so easy to move your pages around and for the first time in six years of scrapbooking, I have put all of Robyn's pages in chronological order. Mind you the scary thing in doing that, is seeing how crap your old pages look!!! Now that I have new and old ones mixed together, I can see a flurry of re works being carried out! Remember me telling you about playing snap, and trying to match up some photo's to half finished pages I had? Well this is one of Robyn and Nia, all I had done with the page was stick the die cut circle paper to the pink cardstock and then added the half sheet of shaped edge paper on top of that, so it was barely a page. To finish it off, I have added, book page, doilies, bling, flowers, punched butterflies and bits. Hope you like it. :)

Golf anyone!

This weekend I went out on Friday night with hubby, niece, her partner my sister and brother-in-law. We went to one of those golf cafe's where they have the simulator and you can play just about any golf course in the world (virtual golf of course). The boys all play but my sister and I have never hit a golf ball in our lives (well except for crazy golf, or putting greens at the seaside). It was fun actually, my niece was really venting her anger on the big swings! We ended the night at a nice restaurant, sadly when my niece got home, one of her little dogs had died. The last time she visited that restaurant one of her dogs died, it must be jinxed, I'm sure she'll never go there again. Poor little Barney, gone to join mummy and daddy in the sky :(

Nature's Grandeur

Isn't mother nature amazing? Firstly a tiny white flower, then, were there has been a spot of yellow pollen, grows a tiny nub of green. Then it gets bigger and bigger and out pops a strawberry. I love those programmes where they film a plant growing and then speed it up, it blows my mind when I think of the cycle of a plant or the nature of an egg or a seed. All that information cramed in to something so small. Fantastic.

Playing Snap!

I did nothing but craft today! Lucky me, but what I was doing was not really a pleasure. I have had this pile (yes pile) of pages that I have done, without adding any photo's and or journalling. Some of them have been scrap lifts, and I have been so keen to get rid of a few magazines, I have gone through them and done the scraplifts that I like, then passed the magazines on. BUT this means I don't always have the time, to find photo's to match, so I decided to be a good girl, spread all my incomplete pages on the floor, and flicked through all my photo's and matched packets to pages to then go and finish off some of this pile of half complete work! Hence the reference to playing snap!

Also, what a great day today, the week has just gotten better and better as the week has progressed, it was so warm this evening, we even managed to sit outside with a cuppa, well Craig had wine, until about 7.00 p.m.