Monday, 20 June 2011


I really try not to be a tchno phobe, but honestly, stuff doesn't work for me! I love email and couldn't live without it, but like everything on the computer, it's great when it's working properly, unlike today. My email won't work yet I can google etc, what's that all about? Had myself some retail therapy this weekend, all good. My hubby is a great shopper so I'm a lucky girl, he's happy to clothes shop, shoe shop and even handbag shop !!! (He's in touch with his feminine side)! So he spotted this little beauty, we were at this outlet place near York, and there was a Fossil shop that said everything had 50% off, the original price was something crazy, and the label said £65 which I thought ok, it's all leather and I really like the bag, but then when we got to the counter, it was 50% off that, so a bargain to boot, (should have got two)! So here it is, my new handbag.....


  1. Didn't they do shoes to match?

  2. Ha ha, I was thinking exactly the same, hubby forgot to buy the matching shoes!! Gorgeous bag mate, you might be leaving here tomorrow without it!!!

  3. Uhooi,,
    Wow, It's a nice bag, pretty and creative,,