Friday, 24 June 2011

Birthday Girl

Well as i had so many messages on facebook on Wednesday, I am guessing that most of you know it was my birthday, thank you for your kind wishes. I had a great day with me time in the day and family time in the evening, firstly i saw my old retreat and scrapbooking buddies Lisa and Elaine and had this humongous chocolate cream tart thing, and was very touched when they gave me these glorious flowers. Then I called at Lesley's as hubby bought me a Kindle for my birthday and Lesley is very good with technology and i am not, so i needed a little help with that and had a bacon butty to boot! As we do a lot of crafting together, there was no doubt in Lesley's mind that a birthday gift of stash would go down a treat, so i received this lovely kit. I also had lovely treats from the family and went out for a curry in the evening with hubby, daughter and her boyfriend :) One little pressie i did get that was very cute, was from my nephews children, this gorgeous little cup cake money box (obvs gonna use it to save up for stash)! And one more thing Robyn also baked me this gorgeous cake :)))

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  1. Hooray! So glad to hear it was a nice birthday for you, Caroline! We were singing to you across the pond...did you hear? ;)