Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fruit Pixie

Don't know If you've ever had a look at the online shop the fruit pixie? Kirsty (Wiseman) put me onto it and the great thing is she has a pound shop. I was talking about downloading images to slip in the back of your layouts and build up little 3D corners on a page. These old fashioned cigarette cards work a treat and you get about 50 for £1. When you go on the site you just scroll down the page and select £1 shop.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Inventing the Wheel ...

So above is my other scrap lift I did a few weeks back, it's the same as a layout in issue 59 (Nov) of Scrapbook magazine. When i saw it, I was going to do a page of Robyn as her and Chris went to Butlins with some friends in October. I changed my mind when I went on google looking for some images as I was inspired to use photo's of my mum and dads honeymoon, yes I know, very romantic, they went to Butlins at Skegness! So talking about scraplifts again, who can actually hold there hand up and say "I did that first" and what does it matter. We all see things in magazines, learn techniques at classes and have eureka moments. We learnt some lovely background techniques from Emma Trout with spritzing and acrylic paints at Scrapstars and I noticed a lot of people using those techniques now. A lot of people say "oh she learnt that from XYZ" what does it matter really, your then using a technique in your style adapting to suit your own layout and in my case, I always give credit to the person i have copied it from. I thin k thats the best way. Loved this Butlins layout by Helen Salthouse.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scraplifts ....

So I was talking in my last post about stash busting and the great images you can download from google, (on to a piece of white or cream cardstock, Bobs your uncle). Sometimes when you loose your scrapping mojo, it's great to look at galleries on UKS, or someones blog or flip through a magazine. I sometimes put post its in pages in magazines and write on the top, "holiday" or "baby" or "Christmas" so that i can pick a mag up, look at the post it tabs across the top, and pick a theme i feel like scrapping. So when is a scraplift a scraplift, well I would say, when it's an exact copy of a layout, often I will start a scraplift and go off on a complete tangent, other times i will stay true to the original layout, sometimes I start with the same colours and it ends up looking nothing like the original. When i start with a scraplift and it ends up fairly different, I call those my "Inspired By", they've been inspired by someone elses layout, but then I have altered it and it can be a bit or a lot different. I can't post someone elses picture but this one is a scraplift of a layout in SBM issue 53 page 27. I used images from google on the layout too. I might just add some steampunk bits.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stashbusting and Scrap Diets

I was really surprised to see a thread on UKS about 10 days ago asking them to set up a forum or group especially to follow a stash diet. It surprised me as UKS is funded by sponsors who are on there to try and drum up business and get people to spend! Do we need a forum to help us "stash diet" or do we need to just show a little self restraint? In an attempt to be good myself at the moment, i have decided that if i join in with a document life type project this year, i am not going to buy a kit to complete it. Last year i opted for the "Life Stories" kit, they have a lovely website if anyone is struggling to find something like that for a year long project. This year I'm going to revert back to the Shimelle Document 2010 format, and use up anything that i have lying around that fits with my photo's each month, I'll keep you posted.
I also have to say another great way to stash bust is to get images from Google. I have been hooked on the Glitz whatnots and peek a boos for over a year now, but when you just want little images to slide in the back of your scrapbook pages, your can find anything on google, the ones below are for 2 scraplifts that i have done, I'll post them next time.
I think some posts on "bargain hunting" might be a better way to help each other out.

On another note, i have been ordering for the goody bags for the retreat, so i guess I am getting some retail therapy there !

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve

Well here's what i managed to get done on Friday, I haven't quite finished the page, may add some fancy brads and of course a photo would be good (I just slipped the piece of red card in for now), but haven't decided which one yet. It doesn't look like much but I did cut round all the little blue dots down the left and the red dots across the bottom. On New Years Eve I also performed a miracle ....... this will make my nearest and dearest laugh, I finally cleared the large table in the lounge after being a naughty girl and having it covered in stash for about 3 months. My hubby is very understanding bless him. :)