Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scraplifts ....

So I was talking in my last post about stash busting and the great images you can download from google, (on to a piece of white or cream cardstock, Bobs your uncle). Sometimes when you loose your scrapping mojo, it's great to look at galleries on UKS, or someones blog or flip through a magazine. I sometimes put post its in pages in magazines and write on the top, "holiday" or "baby" or "Christmas" so that i can pick a mag up, look at the post it tabs across the top, and pick a theme i feel like scrapping. So when is a scraplift a scraplift, well I would say, when it's an exact copy of a layout, often I will start a scraplift and go off on a complete tangent, other times i will stay true to the original layout, sometimes I start with the same colours and it ends up looking nothing like the original. When i start with a scraplift and it ends up fairly different, I call those my "Inspired By", they've been inspired by someone elses layout, but then I have altered it and it can be a bit or a lot different. I can't post someone elses picture but this one is a scraplift of a layout in SBM issue 53 page 27. I used images from google on the layout too. I might just add some steampunk bits.

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