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Scraplifts ....

So I was talking in my last post about stash busting and the great images you can download from google, (on to a piece of white or cream cardstock, Bobs your uncle). Sometimes when you loose your scrapping mojo, it's great to look at galleries on UKS, or someones blog or flip through a magazine. I sometimes put post its in pages in magazines and write on the top, "holiday" or "baby" or "Christmas" so that i can pick a mag up, look at the post it tabs across the top, and pick a theme i feel like scrapping. So when is a scraplift a scraplift, well I would say, when it's an exact copy of a layout, often I will start a scraplift and go off on a complete tangent, other times i will stay true to the original layout, sometimes I start with the same colours and it ends up looking nothing like the original. When i start with a scraplift and it ends up fairly different, I call those my "Inspired By", they've been inspired by someone elses layout, but then I have altered it and it can be a bit or a lot different. I can't post someone elses picture but this one is a scraplift of a layout in SBM issue 53 page 27. I used images from google on the layout too. I might just add some steampunk bits.


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Could I please ask that anyone visiting my blog, could join my new blog at

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Scrapstars 2016 ....

The April 2016 Event will take place on the weekend of 15th - 17th April 2015 registration Friday afternoon, event closes at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday
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At the Mercure Parkway Hotel, Bramhope, Nr Leeds. Light and airy cropping room and classrooms, with each person having their own dedicated space. Fabulous teachers, crammed kits and wonderful food, we work to ensure that everyone has a fun, relaxing and enjoyable weekend A full brochure is issued prior to the event containing sneak peaks of the projects, a schedule/timetable and tool list giving you time to plan and prepare for your classes. This year the weekend will be £395, this normally includes:
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2 nights accommodation on a full board, single occupancy basis.
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