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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ...

Well managed to survive Christmas, how about you? It was fine really, i was just a bit stressed before hand about family politics and who was going where, but honestly, that shouldn't be what it is all about should it? Have to say (or I will be in trouble) best pressie was Robyn's dressing gown and Les Mis DVD, (it does still give me thrill that she buys me proper pressies now, it gives me that lovely fuzzy feeling) but joint first had to be my mega pizza box stuffed with goodies from Lesley, scrapbook goodies too numerous to mention, a crazy scrapbook doll and a hand knitted scarf WOW. I was also very lucky to get a couple of other craft related pressies from family members, my sister got me a martha stewart punch and my nephew and his wife got me a voucher for an online shop so i can do a bit of craft sale shopping.

Speaking of sale shopping, Craig and i did the dastardly deal yesterday and actually, it wasn't that bad, but by the time we were leaving, it was crazy. So t…

Jingle Bells

One week and Santa will be on his way ..... are we excited? I'm happy to say i am ready, mainly due to the fact that we are not having anyone around over Christmas so i don't have to worry about shopping for any food. After my amaz shopping day with Robyn and a few Internet orders, all the pressies are done and what i don't have now, I will do without. I've had a busy few weeks and have been ill again! I rarely get ill, I have my migraines and there's not a lot I can do about those but live with it, but last week I had the ear infection from hell. It was agony and i have spent a week with what has felt like a golf ball in my ear and last weekend in absolute agony. Ah well, lovely hubby to the rescue, he has looked after me, and i haven't done a thing. Last Friday (although I had started with the ear infection) we had our colleague Bert's retirement "do", it was a really good night and the best part was that with help from his wife, we managed to t…

Last Week ....

was much better, I had a great shopping day with Robyn on Monday and did the largest part of the Christmas shopping. On Wednesday, Lesley came over and although we had all good intentions of crafting, we ended up doing the schedule for the retreat, and talking classes. So many projects and not enough time :( Then on Thursday evening I went to see Sister Act with Robyn and my mum. I had bought her ticket for her birthday pressie in May and she has had to wait all this time to go to the theatre, we had a really nice evening though and the performance was great (slightly disappointed that there were no songs from the movie, I love that soundtrack, it takes me back a few years though!) Then on Friday evening, Craig and I went to the German Market in Leeds. It was really nice, there is a great atmosphere and the food is yummy (no sausages for me, but Craig loves them, I go for the sweet stuff of course).

Phew ...

I don't know what I have been messing about at this last week, I just haven't gotten around to blogging. The week following my holiday (forgot to say i was away for a week during November) I had an awful migraine for most of the week. It cleared a bit on the Wednesday but after spending a day helping my friend move, it was back with avengance. Wednesday night I thought I would never get to sleep and was near to tears and even threatening to visit the quacks (Doctors, I hate the doctors). Anyway, after the awful night, I slept in until 10.45 on the Thursday, and finally it seemed to have gone, so instead of catching up on housework, I just coddled myself, and kept it at bay. Thank goodness it went.

Western Romance - 2nd Layout

Well following on from the previous post where I was lucky enough to complete Emma's class from the retreat, i have made it into a double layout. I  had so many photo's from one place on our trip in July. Here is my second side. Like my friend Lesley, I have managed to make 3 pages from the western romance kit, it is so versatile, my 3rd layout is of Robyn and her boyfriend Chris, perhaps I'll post that later on. It actually opens 3 ways but I didn't want to bore you with too many photo's!

Scrapstars 20th April 2012

Well the next retreat is booked and has been announced on facebook. Emma Trout and Lida deWitte are confirmed as two of the teachers, and Emma has ideas already! Very exiting. The website has been updates with most of the details although I or the I.T.Department are working on adding a new page with a gallery and testimonials section. I finally finished my Western Romance layout from the kit that Emma replaced for me (her layout is called "one wish") here is my version and I'm also looking forward to making a second page from the leftovers of the kit, there was so much stash in it. Enjoy. x

A Tribute to Henry.

Visiting hotels for the next retreat and comparing quotes seems to be taking up all of my time at the moment, i am determined to make a decision this weekend as i can't wait any longer to get a date out there (even though i have mentioned the last two weekends in April).

The only other thing i have had time for in between work and Scrapstars, is (with a little determination) an attempt to bring my Document 2011 up to date, i was really worried as i thought i was as far behind as May and wondered weather i would bother to catch up at all, but when i opened the album up, i wasn't as far behind as I had thought, and had a lot of bits and pieces in place.

I knew i wanted to scrap Henry for my October 12 x 12 page as a little tribute to loosing him, so here is my effort. Miss him so much, still find myself having a little cry.

Scrapstars the adventure continues ...

On other news, last Tuesday after Henry's death, the lovely Emma Trout sent me a replacement kit for the Western Romance one I lost at the retreat. I actually filled up with tears when I opened the box, I knew what was going to be in it, but I was feeling raw and weepy and was very touched by Emma's generosity in sending me the kit plus a few little extras :) So it was nice on Wednesday to be able to go over to see my old scrapbooking friend Lisa and Elaine and then go to Lesley's, and almost finish the western romance layout, partly following the instructions and also looking at Lesley's layout. I should really have finished it when I got home, there is very little left to do on it, so I will do so pronto, and get it posted on here, it's gorgeous and once again I will have loads left over for a second page......

On to Scrapstars news, I visited five hotels this weekend and am waiting for quotes and dates to be confirmed, i will speak to them all tomorrow. I haven&…

Been a while ...

Been a while since I've been on blogger, but life has been busy and sad and stressful, you may have seen my post on facebook about our gorgeous little Henry.

Unfortunately I had an awful week with him and nursed him from the Wednesday to the Saturday when we sadly had to have him put to sleep (15th October). The week was made harder by the fact that Craig was away in Spain paying golf from the Wednesday to the Friday late night. Robyn and Chris came home and stayed with me on the Thursday, and I tried to prepare her for the worst, but I think she was in denial.

It has hit me a lot harder than I thought it would, I here him, see him and miss him like crazy, I can't believe how lonely it is without him. I wake up and think "I need to let Henry out" during the day, I think, "oh he hasn't been down for any food for a while" and then I remember he has gone, it's so hard.

Emma Trout, The Journey

This week I worked on finishing this project we did at Scrapstars with Emma Trout. I only tweaked it a tiny bit to make it my own, but then went on to make a second page with all the left overs from the kit, I could use it as a double layout or maybe put one in my album and one in Robyn's, just need to add photo's !

Flip Flap Scrap

I love this project from Scrapstars by Kirsty Wiseman, it was the first one I finished last week, as i knew exactly what photo's I wanted to use on it. I came up with the name for the project too, and think it fits perfectly! I haven't added my title yet, but the photo's are of Ethan doing his Rock Star face and playing a guitar
and then some are of him playing with my make up (his Daddy will
kill me), so i thought "Rock Star or Drag Queen" !!!!

Scrapstars ...

Well it will be a week tomorrow since we had the Scrapstars event. This time last week, my stomach did a role over when i thought about certain things, and little did you know but I spent 5 hours last Thursday morning trying to trace Lida's wood which was lost in the post !!! Well I'm sure there always has to be a little crisis, but other than that, everything else went very smoothly, so I was very pleased with the event. It was nice to meet people face to face after communicating by email and facebook for the last few months, I had built up a lovely rapport with most people and now I was getting to meet new friends. The teachers were great and I loved all of the projects. I like to be taken out of my box and challenged to do something different at a retreat, after all, I can scrapbook at home. It's great to be taught by someone better than you, it's the only way to learn and to do something different, and we certainly had a mixture of those elements. I was grateful fo…

4 Sleeps to Scrapstars

Well as seen as some of the ladies have been posting sleeps every day for weeks, i thought i better get with the programme! Of course i have been busy busy, but as you know last weekend I squeezed in a little time to do my mini me page. While i had these gorgeous papers out, and knowing that the coral colours would look lovely with my photo's from Kirsty's photography day, I decided to make a start on a 12 x 12 layout as well. I got the large elements stuck down and enjoyed a little close cutting, but then i had to leave it on my desk. Over last week and this weekend, i have literally had ten minutes here and there to go back to it, so here is the result ....

Parcels arriving ...

Well they are coming in thick and fast this week (finally) I must say some of the suppliers have left me with the jitters with these new summer CHA releases only just coming in to their warehouses. If you want the new releases, you have to do it this way, maybe next year, i will pick a date where the products will be in in plenty of time, but then most of you will have already been out and bought them (Kathy)! I guess you saw my post on facebook about the delivery guy and me being in the shower! That was a very strange conversation, he's stood at the door on his phone ringing me and asking "are you dressed" and I say "no, I'll just put my dressing gown on" weird LOL. On another not, Robyn is Brown again! Her hair has been bright red for some time, as shocking as it is, it does suit her, but she's tamed it down a little and taken a couple of piercings out, could my daughter be growing up? Bless, she's a darling. :) P.S. she hates this picture ooops.

Bank Holiday

Well Lesley emailed me yesterday to ask me what I had been scrapping as i had announced that i was going to scrap on Saturday afternoon, well i didn't get round to much in the end. My friend had come over last week, she has scrapped about two pages with me before years ago. It was one of those "I want to make an album of my holiday" requests. where you roll your eyes and think well Rome wasn't built in a day, 11 hours later, yes 11, she went home with 13 pages in her album. When I have friends round to scrap, I come out of my room and spread out on a large table we have in the lounge, but once it's all out, i tend to leave it there for at least a week and sometimes three (I have a very understanding hubby). So what I did on Saturday was one page, and then put everything back in my craft room, I was a good girl, and now my large table is clear for packing kits and goody bags ..... hehehe excited. This is the page i did, its of Robyn years ago, and the papers i bou…

Beautiful Day

Wasn't today gorgeous? well it was in my part of the country, I had a frantic email session last night, I think i did about 20 emails, a couple were to Emma about her classes for the retreat and also to drool about that gorgeous gumball machine on her blog, if you haven't seen it, you have to have a look scraps of my mind blogspot. I chatted on facebook to my friend in Australia and she asked me to be her Maid of Honour next year, I was very touched. Back to today, I met a friend for lunch and sat in the garden to read for a while, not something I ever do, as my hobby is kind of "an inside sport" I am very naughty and don't spend a lot of time outside. Anyway, I thought I would try to practice my photography from my course with Kirsty so i took a couple of shots of Henry, isn't he cute. Bless him, he's such an old man but you would never know, because he's a ginger, he still has little pink pads on his feet and his nose is pink too. He's 16, deaf …

Happy and Sad, all at the same time ....

What a funny week, been busy shopping for Scrapstars which has been fun, but at the same time, been shopping with Robyn for her big move today. Yes my little bird has flown the nest. I'm happy because she's happy, I've been trying to focus on nothing but the positives, like she's happy, it's a new big adventure for her, she's only about four/five miles down the road, she works at the end of our street therefore i am bound to see her on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when she is working (probably end up feeding her those nights) and I really love her boyfriend. But if for one minute I allow myself to think that she has moved out, like when my friends have rung to ask me how I'm feeling, or last night when she said "it's my last night at home" or anything like that, well, I'm a wreck! I don't think I'll be able to go in her bedroom ever again, but that's just me being a silly mama :( Just had time to scrap little Nia this week, ahh.

Not Afraid to Mock Myself !

I had an invitation to go and scrap at the lovely Kathy's this weekend and really wish i had gone. I dillied and dallied in deciding what to do, as i had told a friend i would help her to decorate, when i got in touch with her, she hadn't even bought the wallpaper! So as I was home alone all day Saturday (one of those rare Saturdays when Craig worked as usual and then went to play golf) I scrapped all day, and got lots done really. I hadn't done a page in my Document 2011 since January!!! (eek, I know) so did a fare bit to bring that up to date, then i decided (as I had borrowed these masks from Lesley) that I was going to rehash one of my old cringworthy pages from very very early days of scrapbooking. I only did it because it was one of my favourite memories and a nice photo to boot (well a double page spread actually) but here they are, the before and after, you'll have to use your imagination a little, as i had already pulled a photo off the old page. I recycled th…

Krispy Kreme

While I've been away on holiday a Krispy Kreme has opened at Birstall in Leeds. My daughter told me while i was away, "all the girls keep coming into college with, krispy kremes". Then when I went into work yesterday (for the first time since my holiday), all the girls were telling me about it, it's like a phenomenon, every one is going crazy for Krispy Kreme's, it is actually causing traffic jams and blocking the road. So last night, Robyn and I decided to go to Ikea, which just happens to be up at Birstall. It didn't have anything to do with my dark desire for cakes (in this case donut's) honest. But we did have to trot across the road to Krispy Kreme and while we cued inside the shop (the drive through was choc a block too), a nice young man came down the line with free glazed donut's, it would have been rude not to have one, so I did and then bought a box of twelve assorted. I would have taken a picture to show you lovely said box of assorted donu…

Photography Day

Had a fab day Sunday, went on one of Kirsty Wisemans photography courses. All I can say is, well worth it, I'd recommend it to any one. If you have a digital SLR, but aren't sure what to do with it, then try one of these day courses. Had a great day with some of the girls who have attended Scrapstars before, so it was like a little reunion too, as it's late this is going to be a short post, but here's one of my photo's. By the way, it's supposed to be focused at the back and not at the front.

Been Away ...

Well you may or may not know, but I've just had a little holiday, hence no blogging for two weeks, I did contemplate keeping up the blog while I was away, but with time differences and lack of internet connection, I just didn't get round to it (we moved around a fare bit). Anyhoo were back, and had a great time, straight back into things, emails from and to Rachael who has one class and all the kits all sewn up, emails to Lida and now replies and an exciting project ready from her, she is posting it to me next week. Seeing Kirty on Sunday for her photography course and a big planning chat, and of course Em is on top of things, so all goes well. I also booked Lida (and her daughter Louske's) flights today, well I was up at 5.00 a.m. with Jet Lag so might as well do something useful huh? Also spent my time productively clearing my photo's off my memory cards ready for Sunday. Busy busy, but boy I have missed my scrapping while I've been away, the creative mojo was on…

Using My Birthday Pressie

A thought came to mind this week as I was using my Bellaboo kit which Lesley bought me for my birthday. Last year I borrowed some old photo's of my Nan's from my Dad's cousin to make a 70th birthday album for Dad. In it there were some of those awful school photo's of my sister and me, I swear I'd never seen these particular ones before, perhaps mum gave then all away as they were so scary! But as I had made one layout with the kit (minus photo, there's that naughty habit of mine again), I remembered these photo's that I had copied, and thought, I'm sure that dress I was wearing will look great with these papers. It can be hard to scrap 70's photo's with all the busy colours, but I think they went perfectly and it's inspired me to scrap some more photo's of my family in the 70's, I'm sure a lot of you will have similar ones!

Waxing, LOL

What a busy week, don't know what I am doing with myself, had to give the hotel some numbers this week for the retreat and they want a list of names for room allocation, so on the ball with that. Also waxing, hair and dentist all in one week. Actually had a funny experience at waxing (don't panic only have my under arms and half leg done. I went to the salon on Robyn's first day, she has just got a P.T. job there 2 days a week, which is fantastic as this will help her tremendously with her course that she is on (beauty college). I got myself all comfy on the bed (I always wear track pants and a vest and just roll the legs up and pull the arm hole down to have my waxing done, too embarrassed to get undressed)! Anyway the lady comes in and says, Robyn is going to help me, and I was fine with it, but she's not done any waxing training yet at college, home or any where else, so I was her first guinea pig! It was fine, I was a bit nervous on the armpits, but she was great, …

Birthday Girl

Well as i had so many messages on facebook on Wednesday, I am guessing that most of you know it was my birthday, thank you for your kind wishes. I had a great day with me time in the day and family time in the evening, firstly i saw my old retreat and scrapbooking buddies Lisa and Elaine and had this humongous chocolate cream tart thing, and was very touched when they gave me these glorious flowers. Then I called at Lesley's as hubby bought me a Kindle for my birthday and Lesley is very good with technology and i am not, so i needed a little help with that and had a bacon butty to boot! As we do a lot of crafting together, there was no doubt in Lesley's mind that a birthday gift of stash would go down a treat, so i received this lovely kit. I also had lovely treats from the family and went out for a curry in the evening with hubby, daughter and her boyfriend :) One little pressie i did get that was very cute, was from my nephews children, this gorgeous little cup cake money bo…


I really try not to be a tchno phobe, but honestly, stuff doesn't work for me! I love email and couldn't live without it, but like everything on the computer, it's great when it's working properly, unlike today. My email won't work yet I can google etc, what's that all about? Had myself some retail therapy this weekend, all good. My hubby is a great shopper so I'm a lucky girl, he's happy to clothes shop, shoe shop and even handbag shop !!! (He's in touch with his feminine side)! So he spotted this little beauty, we were at this outlet place near York, and there was a Fossil shop that said everything had 50% off, the original price was something crazy, and the label said £65 which I thought ok, it's all leather and I really like the bag, but then when we got to the counter, it was 50% off that, so a bargain to boot, (should have got two)! So here it is, my new handbag.....

Ring Binder Albums

I'm loving those ring binder albums, ever since I got one in a goody bag at a retreat this year. I love them and have ordered three more! It makes it so easy to move your pages around and for the first time in six years of scrapbooking, I have put all of Robyn's pages in chronological order. Mind you the scary thing in doing that, is seeing how crap your old pages look!!! Now that I have new and old ones mixed together, I can see a flurry of re works being carried out! Remember me telling you about playing snap, and trying to match up some photo's to half finished pages I had? Well this is one of Robyn and Nia, all I had done with the page was stick the die cut circle paper to the pink cardstock and then added the half sheet of shaped edge paper on top of that, so it was barely a page. To finish it off, I have added, book page, doilies, bling, flowers, punched butterflies and bits. Hope you like it. :)

Golf anyone!

This weekend I went out on Friday night with hubby, niece, her partner my sister and brother-in-law. We went to one of those golf cafe's where they have the simulator and you can play just about any golf course in the world (virtual golf of course). The boys all play but my sister and I have never hit a golf ball in our lives (well except for crazy golf, or putting greens at the seaside). It was fun actually, my niece was really venting her anger on the big swings! We ended the night at a nice restaurant, sadly when my niece got home, one of her little dogs had died. The last time she visited that restaurant one of her dogs died, it must be jinxed, I'm sure she'll never go there again. Poor little Barney, gone to join mummy and daddy in the sky :(

Nature's Grandeur

Isn't mother nature amazing? Firstly a tiny white flower, then, were there has been a spot of yellow pollen, grows a tiny nub of green. Then it gets bigger and bigger and out pops a strawberry. I love those programmes where they film a plant growing and then speed it up, it blows my mind when I think of the cycle of a plant or the nature of an egg or a seed. All that information cramed in to something so small. Fantastic.

Playing Snap!

I did nothing but craft today! Lucky me, but what I was doing was not really a pleasure. I have had this pile (yes pile) of pages that I have done, without adding any photo's and or journalling. Some of them have been scrap lifts, and I have been so keen to get rid of a few magazines, I have gone through them and done the scraplifts that I like, then passed the magazines on. BUT this means I don't always have the time, to find photo's to match, so I decided to be a good girl, spread all my incomplete pages on the floor, and flicked through all my photo's and matched packets to pages to then go and finish off some of this pile of half complete work! Hence the reference to playing snap!

Also, what a great day today, the week has just gotten better and better as the week has progressed, it was so warm this evening, we even managed to sit outside with a cuppa, well Craig had wine, until about 7.00 p.m.


Well what have I been up to this week, in cahoots with the Graphics 45 gang, been making this layout. It's of my daughter and her friends at Leeds Fest last year. I have been wanting to use these photo's, they only took a few and they are a bit blurred, but i love them. i had had these hippy chick things from s.e.i. for absolutely ages, and thought they would be perfect but had to mash then together with some We R Memory Keepers papers (Tiffany range) to make the layout. i also used the American Crafts photo protectors that come with pre punched holes which lend themselves immediately to adding to a page with brads or other fasteners. I also wanted to remind myself, that it is supposed to be getting warmer!
it's a work in progress

Needed a Breather

Needed a breather this week. So I have, went back to bed with a book the other day, and stayed in my dressing gown all day last Friday. Disgusting I hear some of you cry, but I had my own space back and just wanted to cut off from everything for a day. But over the last week, I have been doing my BoBunny "Timepiece" mini album. When I say it's a mini album, it's about the size of a side plate, I was quite surprised when I received it from Craft Obsessions, anyway, here are the first few pages ......

Lost and Found # 2

Well finally I managed to finish another one of my pages from the Lost and Found kit I was telling you about. I was inspired at first and had the basic page done, but then took ages to find a photo and ended up spending loads of time scanning old photo's on to my laptop (you may have seen a few of them on facebook. Initially I spritzed the background paper a tiny bit, I also spritzed half a packet of flowers with my home made mica mist, the flowers are all Prima, and also I love this product from Prima which is called Vines, you can cut small bits off them which makes them go a lot further.This one is called blossom branches pistachio.
I've had the builders in re setting my shower tray, and so, they have re tiled the whole shower area and round the bath, it looks lovely but keeping up with the dust has been a nightmare (of the worst kind). So I treated myself to a pedicure this morning and tried out a new product called "Shatter" I now have toe nails that look like i have added crackle glaze to them..... not a good look (I wouldn't recommend it).
I've also tried to do something productive other than cleaning, I have been scanning a lot of old photo's on to my laptop, I couldn't resist putting a couple of albums on to facebook, one named school days and the other just oldies, can't wait till the friends and family notice them !!!
This is one of mine and Robyn's all time favourites.

Art Journal, my efforts over the Christmas New Year period

Art Journaling

Where are you on art journalling? I first gave it a try about ooo I think it must be three years ago at Dyan's. At the time, it looked a lot like this ..... I still love the front cover of the album I made, back then all the pages were, paint effects, rubber stamps and journalling. Mists had just about come out and I had used a mask and some glimmer mist on this tag.

Nowadays of course it is huge and with people like Teesha Moore and Dina Wakley, it's not
difficult to find inspiration. I had been collecting bits and pieces since my first art journal

class, and as i had some time off over Christmas and New Year, I decided I really needed to have another crack at it. So I had a play and dabbled with styles, but I certainly don't think i have found my own yet. I am favouring the Dina Wakley way but I am still unsure about the whole thing. I find it hard to write one line on a scrapbook page, never mind a whole journal of angst and thoughts!

Bit of me Time

Finally had some crafting time yesterday. I have been so busy with the family being around over the past two bank holiday weekends. I'm not complaining, I don't get to spend enough time with them, but I am having withdrawal from lack of crafting! I have also spent a couple of weekends (in between other things) tile shopping, tiles are so fixed aren't they, so it's a big decision. So yesterday I pulled out a kit from Samuel Taylor's from last October, it's the MME Lost & Found Market Street. It's so gorgeous it's easy to use, and I have done three pages straight off from it (creative juices flowing), but naughty me, I have done pages with no photo's on! I often do this and have a big pile, that I am "going to add photo's to later" honest! Not quite finished, just needs a little more embellishment.

A Right Royal Knees Up !

Well did we all have a lovely time? Well we did at our house. I put the T.V. on at 10.00 a.m. just to set the Sky box to tape the actual service, (just wanted to see the dress), but then found myself watching for an hour, saw the dress (BEAUTIFUL) and first hymn, then switched off as had so much to do in preparation for our family get together. Well they all thought they were coming to a BBQ but I did a menu complete with Union Jacks (will have to post a picture). We had Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Meat n Tatty Pie, Fish n Chips and Pie n Peas ! Good old English Grub (to that, Craig said we should have had Curry and a Chinese)! The girls had to wear a Tiara and the boys a Crown (which they really struggled to get hold of), so my great nephew Ethan, made them for himself, his Daddy and his Grandad, ah. Notice the Queen paid us a private visit, in thr front row, she should have worn yellow shouldn't she! !

Royal Wedding

Well, been busy this week, and have desperately been trying to fit in some craft time, but alas, it has not been. Yesterday I went shopping twice, one to Sainsburys and then to Costso and then I went back to Sainsburys today. I hate supermarket shopping too!!! But I had to do my duty as we are having a royal wedding party tomorrow, well the family all think they are coming to a BBQ but to be honest with the weather forcast and BBQ food not being my favourite either, I am going to surprise then with Ye Old English Grub. I have just typed a menu with Union Jacks in the corners, and on it are Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Fish n Chips, Pie n Peas and Meat and Tatty Pie !!!! They are going to get such a shock. Also, as I always have to have a bit of fun at our get togethers, the men have to wear a Crown and the ladies have to wear a Tiara, prize for the best one!!!

Cherry Blossom

Had a great day today, been to meet the Castleford branch of the family, well when i say that 2 of my cousins left Castleford over 20 years ago but 1 remains so it's a good place to meet.

Isn't the cherry blossom gorgeous, I've always loved cherry blossom and when I was considering a name for the retreats this was one of them, but it is used for so many things and so is the logo.

I live near a stretch of the ring road (Leeds) which is lined with cherry blossom trees. Also although technically not in my garden, i also have a white and a pink one just over my garden fence. There was a slight breeze as i drove home on Thursday and it was like driving through pink confetti, this is how much has fallen on the drive today!


Well had a busy few days, and today was no exception. But very pleased as i managed to get my hubby to help me hang some wallpaper. It's amazing what you can do with a bone folder and a scalpel (craft knife)!

Yes I did honestly!


Working today, but gonna seriously do some crafting tomorrow, can't wait. Hasn't it been great, all this nice weather, I have had my flip flops on over the last two weekends, and today wore shoes for work !!! Yes the boots and socks have finally gone, and I wore shoes, that's a big step in saying good by to winter and hello to summer !!! I had a slight dilemma though, I don't really like wearing shoes with no socks, lets rephrase that, I never wear shoes with socks, but don't like the bare feet way either (my shoes get too smelly) !!! LOL (truths out now).

So do I buy some pop socks? Now there a blast from the past aren't they!!! I think I'm turning in to my mother arggghhhhhh!

Document 2011

Last year my friend Lesley found this great project by ShimelleLaine called "Document 2010". I know a few of you have seen mine and actually done the project yourselves. Lesley has carried on in to this year, and i wasn't going to but then Lesley found this great kit, which will make the whole project easier. I have also decided that i will only do 6 of the 6x4 pockets and a 12 x 12 layout for each month. I should be able to keep up with that! Just in case you want one of the kits, it's from Craft Obsessions. I will try to add some better photo's of my project as i go along.