Thursday, 5 May 2011

Art Journaling

Where are you on art journalling? I first gave it a try about ooo I think it must be three years ago at Dyan's. At the time, it looked a lot like this ..... I still love the front cover of the album I made, back then all the pages were, paint effects, rubber stamps and journalling. Mists had just about come out and I had used a mask and some glimmer mist on this tag.

Nowadays of course it is huge and with people like Teesha Moore and Dina Wakley, it's not
difficult to find inspiration. I had been collecting bits and pieces since my first art journal

class, and as i had some time off over Christmas and New Year, I decided I really needed to have another crack at it. So I had a play and dabbled with styles, but I certainly don't think i have found my own yet. I am favouring the Dina Wakley way but I am still unsure about the whole thing. I find it hard to write one line on a scrapbook page, never mind a whole journal of angst and thoughts!

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