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A Right Royal Knees Up !

Well did we all have a lovely time? Well we did at our house. I put the T.V. on at 10.00 a.m. just to set the Sky box to tape the actual service, (just wanted to see the dress), but then found myself watching for an hour, saw the dress (BEAUTIFUL) and first hymn, then switched off as had so much to do in preparation for our family get together. Well they all thought they were coming to a BBQ but I did a menu complete with Union Jacks (will have to post a picture). We had Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Meat n Tatty Pie, Fish n Chips and Pie n Peas ! Good old English Grub (to that, Craig said we should have had Curry and a Chinese)! The girls had to wear a Tiara and the boys a Crown (which they really struggled to get hold of), so my great nephew Ethan, made them for himself, his Daddy and his Grandad, ah. Notice the Queen paid us a private visit, in thr front row, she should have worn yellow shouldn't she! !

Royal Wedding

Well, been busy this week, and have desperately been trying to fit in some craft time, but alas, it has not been. Yesterday I went shopping twice, one to Sainsburys and then to Costso and then I went back to Sainsburys today. I hate supermarket shopping too!!! But I had to do my duty as we are having a royal wedding party tomorrow, well the family all think they are coming to a BBQ but to be honest with the weather forcast and BBQ food not being my favourite either, I am going to surprise then with Ye Old English Grub. I have just typed a menu with Union Jacks in the corners, and on it are Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Fish n Chips, Pie n Peas and Meat and Tatty Pie !!!! They are going to get such a shock. Also, as I always have to have a bit of fun at our get togethers, the men have to wear a Crown and the ladies have to wear a Tiara, prize for the best one!!!

Cherry Blossom

Had a great day today, been to meet the Castleford branch of the family, well when i say that 2 of my cousins left Castleford over 20 years ago but 1 remains so it's a good place to meet.

Isn't the cherry blossom gorgeous, I've always loved cherry blossom and when I was considering a name for the retreats this was one of them, but it is used for so many things and so is the logo.

I live near a stretch of the ring road (Leeds) which is lined with cherry blossom trees. Also although technically not in my garden, i also have a white and a pink one just over my garden fence. There was a slight breeze as i drove home on Thursday and it was like driving through pink confetti, this is how much has fallen on the drive today!


Well had a busy few days, and today was no exception. But very pleased as i managed to get my hubby to help me hang some wallpaper. It's amazing what you can do with a bone folder and a scalpel (craft knife)!

Yes I did honestly!


Working today, but gonna seriously do some crafting tomorrow, can't wait. Hasn't it been great, all this nice weather, I have had my flip flops on over the last two weekends, and today wore shoes for work !!! Yes the boots and socks have finally gone, and I wore shoes, that's a big step in saying good by to winter and hello to summer !!! I had a slight dilemma though, I don't really like wearing shoes with no socks, lets rephrase that, I never wear shoes with socks, but don't like the bare feet way either (my shoes get too smelly) !!! LOL (truths out now).

So do I buy some pop socks? Now there a blast from the past aren't they!!! I think I'm turning in to my mother arggghhhhhh!

Document 2011

Last year my friend Lesley found this great project by ShimelleLaine called "Document 2010". I know a few of you have seen mine and actually done the project yourselves. Lesley has carried on in to this year, and i wasn't going to but then Lesley found this great kit, which will make the whole project easier. I have also decided that i will only do 6 of the 6x4 pockets and a 12 x 12 layout for each month. I should be able to keep up with that! Just in case you want one of the kits, it's from Craft Obsessions. I will try to add some better photo's of my project as i go along.

Scrapbooking Bargain

As I haven't blogged for the last two days (naughty me) I have a bit of retail therapy news. I was at Costco yesterday and saw these scrapbook totes, they would be great for a beginner, as a kit, or just for the tote alone. I know I would be lost without my AMM tote, it's the only thing i take to a crop or a retreat, you can get so much in it.

Monique's Scrapstars Album

I looked after my great nephew Ethan today, when i say great nephew I always add "that makes me sound about 150, but I'm not honest". As we drove along we played "yellow car, yes" you got it, you see a yellow car and you say "yellow car yes" (random huh).

Last night I managed to finish (well apart from photo's) my Monique album from Scrapstars. I decided to bind the book as my pages seemed to slide about (probably something I was doing wrong). So I used the cropodile to punch holes and then threaded ribbon or cord through the three sets of holes and tied them in tight bows. I then put a couple of small stitches through the bows so that they couldn't come undone. I threaded my embellishments on to embroidery thread and tied them, but then added them to the spine by stitching them on but letting them hang loose. I hope you can see what I mean ..... and I hope that you like it.

UK Scrappers

Well, I'm a bit tired today and wasn't going to blog but that would have been a great start eh! I work on a Tuesday and it's Payroll day so it's a busy day for me, i finish at four and drive home, flop on the settee and watch something brainless on T.V. It's not often I watch TV when I'm in the house alone, and I never switch it on in the day. When I get home from work I like to watch some dross like escape to the country, or replays of location, location, location. I love those shows and looking round all the houses, as a bit of a "serial mover", I think I'd make a great estate agent! My Scrapstars goal for today was to get my advert on UK Scrappers, I think i have been a member of UKS for about 6 years but hardly ever go on, I think I've posted about ten times in all those years. It is great when you get into it, but I don't know about you, I just don't think it's very user friendly! Should i be saying that when i am advertising …

Tip for Today ...

I hear they are selling some giant glue dots called something like Gluebers ??? Well instead of buying them for your handmade flowers, you could try buying some sheets of double sided sticky stuff at craft obsessions, and punching the appropriate sized circles?
Well here goes my first post on my blog. I wanted to back pedal a little as last weekend was the first ever Scrapstars event. I didn't have a blog then but have been encouraged (and bullied) to start one! I'd love you to read the reviews of the event on Kathy and Kirsty's blogs, they have been so kind and supportive and you can find the links in my list of favourite blogs. The retreats have come about as it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I was an avid Scrap-a-Ganza visitor and when that folded in 2008, I like so many other tried the Inspired retreat, which I have to say was fantastic, but I don't think I need to say more about what happened to the October 2010 event. I was the lady along with Karen Laverock, who tried to do a "rescue retreat" but as so many people had lost confidence in the whole event, it wasn't viable to move forward. In the end, I decided that as I had been thinking about it for two years, I should just go for it and…