Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Monique's Scrapstars Album

I looked after my great nephew Ethan today, when i say great nephew I always add "that makes me sound about 150, but I'm not honest". As we drove along we played "yellow car, yes" you got it, you see a yellow car and you say "yellow car yes" (random huh).

Last night I managed to finish (well apart from photo's) my Monique album from Scrapstars. I decided to bind the book as my pages seemed to slide about (probably something I was doing wrong). So I used the cropodile to punch holes and then threaded ribbon or cord through the three sets of holes and tied them in tight bows. I then put a couple of small stitches through the bows so that they couldn't come undone. I threaded my embellishments on to embroidery thread and tied them, but then added them to the spine by stitching them on but letting them hang loose. I hope you can see what I mean ..... and I hope that you like it.


  1. hooray, its finished. Its lovely, I keep getting mine out and looking at it, even though there are no photos in it yet!

  2. Whauw you have finished it.... It looks great Caroline. Well done.

  3. Well done Caroline........