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A Tribute to Henry.

Visiting hotels for the next retreat and comparing quotes seems to be taking up all of my time at the moment, i am determined to make a decision this weekend as i can't wait any longer to get a date out there (even though i have mentioned the last two weekends in April).

The only other thing i have had time for in between work and Scrapstars, is (with a little determination) an attempt to bring my Document 2011 up to date, i was really worried as i thought i was as far behind as May and wondered weather i would bother to catch up at all, but when i opened the album up, i wasn't as far behind as I had thought, and had a lot of bits and pieces in place.

I knew i wanted to scrap Henry for my October 12 x 12 page as a little tribute to loosing him, so here is my effort. Miss him so much, still find myself having a little cry.

Scrapstars the adventure continues ...

On other news, last Tuesday after Henry's death, the lovely Emma Trout sent me a replacement kit for the Western Romance one I lost at the retreat. I actually filled up with tears when I opened the box, I knew what was going to be in it, but I was feeling raw and weepy and was very touched by Emma's generosity in sending me the kit plus a few little extras :) So it was nice on Wednesday to be able to go over to see my old scrapbooking friend Lisa and Elaine and then go to Lesley's, and almost finish the western romance layout, partly following the instructions and also looking at Lesley's layout. I should really have finished it when I got home, there is very little left to do on it, so I will do so pronto, and get it posted on here, it's gorgeous and once again I will have loads left over for a second page......

On to Scrapstars news, I visited five hotels this weekend and am waiting for quotes and dates to be confirmed, i will speak to them all tomorrow. I haven&…

Been a while ...

Been a while since I've been on blogger, but life has been busy and sad and stressful, you may have seen my post on facebook about our gorgeous little Henry.

Unfortunately I had an awful week with him and nursed him from the Wednesday to the Saturday when we sadly had to have him put to sleep (15th October). The week was made harder by the fact that Craig was away in Spain paying golf from the Wednesday to the Friday late night. Robyn and Chris came home and stayed with me on the Thursday, and I tried to prepare her for the worst, but I think she was in denial.

It has hit me a lot harder than I thought it would, I here him, see him and miss him like crazy, I can't believe how lonely it is without him. I wake up and think "I need to let Henry out" during the day, I think, "oh he hasn't been down for any food for a while" and then I remember he has gone, it's so hard.

Emma Trout, The Journey

This week I worked on finishing this project we did at Scrapstars with Emma Trout. I only tweaked it a tiny bit to make it my own, but then went on to make a second page with all the left overs from the kit, I could use it as a double layout or maybe put one in my album and one in Robyn's, just need to add photo's !

Flip Flap Scrap

I love this project from Scrapstars by Kirsty Wiseman, it was the first one I finished last week, as i knew exactly what photo's I wanted to use on it. I came up with the name for the project too, and think it fits perfectly! I haven't added my title yet, but the photo's are of Ethan doing his Rock Star face and playing a guitar
and then some are of him playing with my make up (his Daddy will
kill me), so i thought "Rock Star or Drag Queen" !!!!