Sunday, 23 October 2011

Scrapstars the adventure continues ...

On other news, last Tuesday after Henry's death, the lovely Emma Trout sent me a replacement kit for the Western Romance one I lost at the retreat. I actually filled up with tears when I opened the box, I knew what was going to be in it, but I was feeling raw and weepy and was very touched by Emma's generosity in sending me the kit plus a few little extras :) So it was nice on Wednesday to be able to go over to see my old scrapbooking friend Lisa and Elaine and then go to Lesley's, and almost finish the western romance layout, partly following the instructions and also looking at Lesley's layout. I should really have finished it when I got home, there is very little left to do on it, so I will do so pronto, and get it posted on here, it's gorgeous and once again I will have loads left over for a second page......

On to Scrapstars news, I visited five hotels this weekend and am waiting for quotes and dates to be confirmed, i will speak to them all tomorrow. I haven't ruled out the Ramada Parkway where we held the last event, as the classrooms and situation to the airport, were second to none, but they are looking to price me a different cropping room, so watch this space .....


  1. That was very good of Emma, sorry your kit never mad it home with you, looks like you are keeping busy with organising the next retreat, depending on what weekend in April, may be able to make it. (I hope so)
    A big hug from me for Henry. xxx

  2. Oh bless you, Emma is such a little star X

  3. I was happy to help:) So glad you got your replacement and managed to complete the class x