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Well here goes my first post on my blog. I wanted to back pedal a little as last weekend was the first ever Scrapstars event. I didn't have a blog then but have been encouraged (and bullied) to start one! I'd love you to read the reviews of the event on Kathy and Kirsty's blogs, they have been so kind and supportive and you can find the links in my list of favourite blogs. The retreats have come about as it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I was an avid Scrap-a-Ganza visitor and when that folded in 2008, I like so many other tried the Inspired retreat, which I have to say was fantastic, but I don't think I need to say more about what happened to the October 2010 event. I was the lady along with Karen Laverock, who tried to do a "rescue retreat" but as so many people had lost confidence in the whole event, it wasn't viable to move forward. In the end, I decided that as I had been thinking about it for two years, I should just go for it and with a lot of encouragement from my husband Craig and my daughter Robyn, the decision was made. I feel that as I have attended a number of retreats both abroad and here in the UK, and having sent questionaires out to a focus group of likeminded people, I understand what people want from a retreat and hopefully have put together the "best of the rest". So a lot of my ramblings will be on progress with Scrapstars with some other bits in between! On Friday I had a lovely long conversation with Tracie Hudson, we talked about her availability to teach, she was so happy that people like Lida, Monique and Kirsty have been so supportive and a new business has come out of the Inspired debacle, I got the impression that things can get a little tense (erm bitchy) in the industry, and Tracie was really happy about me launching Scrapstars.


  1. Hi girl.... Such a great Idea!
    Having a blog is fun believe me!

  2. Well done, you're gonna get hooked!

  3. fantastic Caroline!! look forward to hearing all the news and hopefully some photos of your projects/pages!!! xx

  4. Go Scrapstars. First it was FB, then the website and now a blog, you are becoming a techie!!!

  5. It was good to chat with you - and I meant it when I said that hearing you have had such good support and encouragement from others warmed my heart - too many times people are ready to turn a bad situation in to something much worse - negativity breeds negativity.
    You took a situation and changed it in to a positive for those concerned and with the support of your friends a new venture is born - that makes me smile :D


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