Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Parcels arriving ...

Well they are coming in thick and fast this week (finally) I must say some of the suppliers have left me with the jitters with these new summer CHA releases only just coming in to their warehouses. If you want the new releases, you have to do it this way, maybe next year, i will pick a date where the products will be in in plenty of time, but then most of you will have already been out and bought them (Kathy)! I guess you saw my post on facebook about the delivery guy and me being in the shower! That was a very strange conversation, he's stood at the door on his phone ringing me and asking "are you dressed" and I say "no, I'll just put my dressing gown on" weird LOL. On another not, Robyn is Brown again! Her hair has been bright red for some time, as shocking as it is, it does suit her, but she's tamed it down a little and taken a couple of piercings out, could my daughter be growing up? Bless, she's a darling. :) P.S. she hates this picture ooops.

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  1. What me? I only bought one set and I still haven't used them!