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Well it will be a week tomorrow since we had the Scrapstars event. This time last week, my stomach did a role over when i thought about certain things, and little did you know but I spent 5 hours last Thursday morning trying to trace Lida's wood which was lost in the post !!! Well I'm sure there always has to be a little crisis, but other than that, everything else went very smoothly, so I was very pleased with the event. It was nice to meet people face to face after communicating by email and facebook for the last few months, I had built up a lovely rapport with most people and now I was getting to meet new friends. The teachers were great and I loved all of the projects. I like to be taken out of my box and challenged to do something different at a retreat, after all, I can scrapbook at home. It's great to be taught by someone better than you, it's the only way to learn and to do something different, and we certainly had a mixture of those elements. I was grateful for all the lovely comments from the delegates after the event, the feedback on the questionnaires was fantastic, it's important to get people's opinions and as they were anonymous, any comments or constructive criticism is welcomed. Now on to choosing a date and tying the teachers down, giving them plenty of time to dream up some fantastic new projects. Once again thanks to everyone, for making Scrapstars a wonderful weekend. x


  1. and thank you for organising such a great event x


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