Saturday, 3 December 2011

Last Week ....

was much better, I had a great shopping day with Robyn on Monday and did the largest part of the Christmas shopping. On Wednesday, Lesley came over and although we had all good intentions of crafting, we ended up doing the schedule for the retreat, and talking classes. So many projects and not enough time :( Then on Thursday evening I went to see Sister Act with Robyn and my mum. I had bought her ticket for her birthday pressie in May and she has had to wait all this time to go to the theatre, we had a really nice evening though and the performance was great (slightly disappointed that there were no songs from the movie, I love that soundtrack, it takes me back a few years though!) Then on Friday evening, Craig and I went to the German Market in Leeds. It was really nice, there is a great atmosphere and the food is yummy (no sausages for me, but Craig loves them, I go for the sweet stuff of course).

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