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Waxing, LOL

What a busy week, don't know what I am doing with myself, had to give the hotel some numbers this week for the retreat and they want a list of names for room allocation, so on the ball with that. Also waxing, hair and dentist all in one week. Actually had a funny experience at waxing (don't panic only have my under arms and half leg done. I went to the salon on Robyn's first day, she has just got a P.T. job there 2 days a week, which is fantastic as this will help her tremendously with her course that she is on (beauty college). I got myself all comfy on the bed (I always wear track pants and a vest and just roll the legs up and pull the arm hole down to have my waxing done, too embarrassed to get undressed)! Anyway the lady comes in and says, Robyn is going to help me, and I was fine with it, but she's not done any waxing training yet at college, home or any where else, so I was her first guinea pig! It was fine, I was a bit nervous on the armpits, but she was great, well done love. x Oooo also last night managed to watch Kirsty's on line class, well done you. x


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