Monday, 1 August 2011

Not Afraid to Mock Myself !

I had an invitation to go and scrap at the lovely Kathy's this weekend and really wish i had gone. I dillied and dallied in deciding what to do, as i had told a friend i would help her to decorate, when i got in touch with her, she hadn't even bought the wallpaper! So as I was home alone all day Saturday (one of those rare Saturdays when Craig worked as usual and then went to play golf) I scrapped all day, and got lots done really. I hadn't done a page in my Document 2011 since January!!! (eek, I know) so did a fare bit to bring that up to date, then i decided (as I had borrowed these masks from Lesley) that I was going to rehash one of my old cringworthy pages from very very early days of scrapbooking. I only did it because it was one of my favourite memories and a nice photo to boot (well a double page spread actually) but here they are, the before and after, you'll have to use your imagination a little, as i had already pulled a photo off the old page. I recycled the title on my second layout.

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  1. Oh no, you should have rung! I love the papers on your new page X