Saturday, 21 January 2012

Inventing the Wheel ...

So above is my other scrap lift I did a few weeks back, it's the same as a layout in issue 59 (Nov) of Scrapbook magazine. When i saw it, I was going to do a page of Robyn as her and Chris went to Butlins with some friends in October. I changed my mind when I went on google looking for some images as I was inspired to use photo's of my mum and dads honeymoon, yes I know, very romantic, they went to Butlins at Skegness! So talking about scraplifts again, who can actually hold there hand up and say "I did that first" and what does it matter. We all see things in magazines, learn techniques at classes and have eureka moments. We learnt some lovely background techniques from Emma Trout with spritzing and acrylic paints at Scrapstars and I noticed a lot of people using those techniques now. A lot of people say "oh she learnt that from XYZ" what does it matter really, your then using a technique in your style adapting to suit your own layout and in my case, I always give credit to the person i have copied it from. I thin k thats the best way. Loved this Butlins layout by Helen Salthouse.

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